Awesome Instagram Reels To Grow Your Business

What are Reels?

Reels are brief, entertaining videos on Instagram and Facebook. They’re a fun and engaging way to view content and can be used effectively for businesses. 

Similar to the content of TikTok, Reels are short-form videos that show up on your Instagram feed, stories and Reel explore page. The fun part is that you actually get to see Reels from accounts all over the world and not just from those you follow. They can be addictive too – it’s hard to stop watching! 

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ESG marketing for businesses

ESG Marketing: How To Do It Right

You know the importance of messaging. Get it wrong, and your business could fail. Get it right, and your company can see success. If you have an environmental, social, or governance (ESG) message to share, this must be communicated in the right way if you want it to benefit your business and your sustainability values.

Here’s what you need to know about ESG marketing strategies for your sustainably-minded business.

What is ESG marketing?

ESG stands for:

  1. Environmental: This is how your company actively reduces or eliminates waste or lowers carbon emissions. 
  2. Social: This is about your reputation, the relationships between other companies and organizations, and your internal inclusion and diversity values.
  3. Governance: These are the internal practices, controls, and procedures that oversee and govern the business. 
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feel-good marketing

4 Feel-Good Marketing Campaigns to Spark Joy (and how to start yours)

Would you consider yourself someone driven by logic and rational thinking or your emotions? While many of us have an analytical mindset (or like to think we do), it’s more likely your feelings towards the company or purchase outcome that will guide your decision.

Some of the most successful marketing campaigns appeal to people’s emotional need for connection with others and self. It’s all about catering to what your target buyers want in an authentically emotional way.

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12 Rules for Ethical Social Media Marketing

Have you considered the ethical issues with social media marketing in your business? If recent events have taught us anything, we know that what we write on social media is being watched, interpreted, and judged in many different ways.

What you post on social media represents and reflects back on your business. If you want to be viewed as an ethical, honest, and inclusive business, make sure your posts reflect this in an authentic way to you and your brand.

While social media is a more casual medium, it still has rules, especially for business accounts. It’s not optional for businesses to ignore privacy, diversity, equity, inclusion, and bias in their content.

Today, we’re going to share 12 rules of social media marketing ethics that you should consider adding to your social media marketing strategy:

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Tips for using influencer Marketing for small business

Influencer Marketing for Small Business – Can you really get a serious ROI?

The best advertising is advertising someone else does for you, which is why influencer marketing for small business comes in handy.

Consumers are so bombarded and often a little distrustful of companies running around online, saying, “Buy from us. We’re the best.” You’re more likely to see a positive ROI when other people say how great you are. This is why you should consider adding influencer marketing to your marketing plans.

In the article, we’re going to tell you what to expect from the world of influencer marketing for small business, provide some tips for getting the best value from this marketing tactic, and help you find the right influencers.

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communicating effectively on social media during covid-19

Social Media Tips on Communicating Effectively during COVID-19

We mentioned general tips in our recent blog post and today we’re listing specific social media tips for communicating effectively on these platforms at this time. 

While some Provinces in Canada slowly open businesses and public areas, clear and transparent communication is essential for businesses as we adapt to this “new normal.” One of the easiest and most convenient ways to communicate effectively with your customers and community during COVID-19 is through social media.
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