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7 Best, Scroll-Stopping First Post Ideas to Introduce Your Business on Instagram

Your first post on your Instagram account will help introduce your business to the world and set the tone for the rest of your feed.It needs to be a scroll-stopping post…But what should that first post be?

Here are 7 scroll-stopping first-post ideas, examples, and templates for your Instagram feed’s first posts:

  1. Personal story or “why”
  2. Social proof
  3. Teaser quotes and images
  4. 30-days of tips
  5. Showcase your USP
  6. Problem/solution

1. Personal story or “why”

Best for: Solopreneurs and small business owners with an inspirational story to share

Why it works: People want to know you. By being vulnerable and sharing something personal, like an inspiring story of why you started your business or an obstacle you overcame to get here, you build up some likability from your audience.

Image: For solopreneurs, post a lifestyle photograph of you and any co-owners or team members. Avoid a stereotypical “boring” headshot and get one of you doing your job, talking to customers or clients, or making your product. 

Written Content: You can share many different stories here, including what motivated/inspired you to start the business, your personal story, your dream or goal, or a promise for what you’ll bring in the future.


For years I struggled with [problem]. That’s why I started this company: to [how you solve the problem]. I’m excited to share this journey with you. 

For years I struggled with all the wasteful packaging that came with my kids toys. That’s why I started this company: to provide educational toys that came with either less packaging, or made from sustainably sourced or recycled packaging materials. I’m excited to share this journey with you. 

2. Social proof

Best for: Any business that’s already operating and that has testimonials and reviews. 

Why it works: A business can say anything about itself. Prospects will pay more attention to what others say about your business. A great way to kick things off on your Instagram feed is to share what others say about you. Where possible, and with permission, tag the customer or the customer’s business for increased exposure. 

Image: Your choice of image here can be anything from showcasing your team and your products or a graphically designed image with an abbreviated version of the testimonial video or text. If your testimonial is related to a physical result, like weight loss, show a before and after picture. 

Written Content: Your written content should include the text of the testimonial or a video of the person who wrote the testimonial (if you have one). You can also include your branding and USP details and a thank you to the reviewer for being a loyal customer. 


3. Teaser quotes and images

Best for: Businesses launching a product or haven’t announced their products/services yet. 

Why it works: People are attracted to mystery. Create mystery around the products or offerings through the first post that teases what’s to come. 

Image: When revealing physical products, blur the image, so it’s unclear what the product is. Every day leading up to the launch, slowly unblur the product image until it’s crisp and clear on launch day and people can see the product. You can also show a screenshot of redacted text to hide what you’re announcing soon. Or hide the image of your product behind an icon or another image. There are lots of creative ways to show intrigue and mystery. Find one that works with your brand. 

Written Content: Provide some hints about the launch. Be sure to tell people when it’s happening and if you’re posting multiple teasers before launch day so they can expect them. Encourage interaction and comments by asking people to guess what’s launching and write their answers in the comments. 


Hey friends, we’re launching something new on [DATE]! Wanna hint? [Write a 1 sentence hint]. What do you think it is? 

Hey friends, we’re launching something new on November 1! Wanna hint? It’s made from recycled pop bottles and it’s something you’ll use every day. What do you think it is? 

4. 30-Days of tips

Best for: Any business, especially those who need to build authority or educate prospects about their niche. 

Why it works: People love free stuff, even free knowledge. Use your first post to introduce a series of tip posts to educate your audience on a topic related to your niche. Then post daily for 30 days with a different tip each day. The great thing about these evergreen posts is that you can write them all in advance and use your favourite social media scheduling tool to schedule them to go live automatically each day. 

Image: Create a template where you can swap out text (the tip) and maybe a picture. Use the same template for the entire series. 

Written Content: Include the text version of the tip in the post, so it’s searchable too. Keep it as brief as possible for the best readability and engagement. Consider starting by mentioning a customer pain point and your tip that solves their problem. Or include several tips in one post, like the example below from Hero Home Care


5. Showcase your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Best for: Companies with little to no online presence yet, or who have a new unique selling proposition to announce.

Why it works: People often have many businesses or vendors to choose from. Chances are customers are trying to decide between your business and another. Help them choose you by showcasing what makes you or your offerings unique in the marketplace. 

Image: Showcase your products or people, emphasising the actual physical difference when possible. 

Written Content: Put your USP as close to the beginning of your text as possible, to avoid being truncated or hidden in the feed. Use your USP brand words and avoid bashing competitors. Focus on your business and what you bring to the table rather than trash-talking others. 


Did you know we’re the only [industry or niche] business that offers [your USP]? We’ve worked hard to perfect it, and we’re honoured that it’s included in all our [products/services]

Did you know we’re the only home care company
that offers an individualised home care plan for your elderly loved ones? We’ve worked hard to perfect it, and we’re honoured that it’s included in all our services

6. Problem/solution

Best for: New businesses with audiences who may not know about the benefits of your offering.

Why it works: This is helpful for many reasons. Firstly, it helps people identify if they are a potential customer or client (because they resonate with the “problem” you share). Secondly, it clearly shows customers how you solve this pain point. Finally, it’s a great way to showcase that you’re here for the customer, to solve their problem (not just for self-interest or solely for profit).

Image: We like keeping posts positive, even when showcasing a “problem.” You could showcase a picture of someone struggling with the specific pain point, or you could focus the image on someone using your product and looking visibly happy with the result. Positivity is a more powerful sales tool than negativity, in our humble opinion. 

Written Content: Keep it as brief as possible. Explain the problem and how your business solves it. We like how this example from Fairware calls out the issue casually (people that lose their keys) and showcases the product that solves that problem. 


7. Take Advantage of New Instagram Features

Best for: Startups and innovative brands aiming to stand out, or tech-forward companies seeking to showcase their cutting-edge approach.

Why it works: Social media platforms introduce new features all the time, like augmented reality filters, advanced analytics, and interactive stories. Learning to use and incorporate these into your first post, shows that your business is modern and tech-savvy, and it also increases engagement. For example, Instagram’s AR filters can transform a simple post into an interactive experience encouraging users to engage with your brand directly from their feed.

Image: Consider an engaging video or image that showcases an aspect of your team or services in action, such as a behind-the-scenes look or a tutorial or how to.

Written Content: Briefly introduce the topic and explain why it is awesome. Encourage your followers to interact, and ask for their feedback to foster a sense of community and customer involvement.

Example: Imagine launching your brand with an Instagram story that uses a custom AR filter allowing followers to visualize your product in their space. Encourage followers to screenshot their interactions and share them in their stories for a chance to win a first customer discount, enhancing engagement and spreading word-of-mouth awareness.

Example of Instagram Filter - Screenshot of bubble comments on an Instagram post

What’s your Instagram, scroll-stopping post strategy?

Social media posting for business is about strategy, not just posting what you want, when you feel like it. A solid social media strategy will help you appease the algorithms, so each platform shows your content to more people and you post relevant content your audience craves. 

The Out-Smarts team is ready to help you expand your reach through social media. We work with you to create a content strategy for posting authentic, value-driven content and you help build customer loyalty. Book a discovery call today to learn more about how we can help you post and get more engagement on social media.