Email Marketing for Business

Helping you effectively nurture prospects and customers via email campaigns

Did you know that email marketing has the potential to give you the highest return of any digital marketing? It’s a marketing channel that helps nurture new prospects and past/current customers by keeping them up to date, leading them through their buyer’s journey, and nurturing their loyalty.  

While it can have great returns, it can also hurt your business reputation and “likeability” if you don’t do it right. Your emails need to engage your readers in a personalized way, provide value, and be easy to digest. If not, they’ll delete your email, mark it as spam, and affect your deliverability of future emails from your domain.

We know the right ways to use email marketing to your advantage to nurture these leads and customers.

Email Marketing 101: How to avoid the spam filters

Email marketing is more than sending out a monthly newsletter. It’s about customizing the experience your followers have while engaging with your brand. This may include an email reminding them they left items in their online cart, wishing them a happy birthday, thanking them with a free gift, and so much more. 

You need to do all this while avoiding the dreaded spam filters. Avoiding spam filters involves a combination of design best practices and written content (avoiding words like “free,” for example). 

It’s also important that your marketing strategy is specific about the types of emails you’ll be sending and their frequency. Sending too often can overwhelm your recipients and they won’t open them. Send too infrequently, and they may forget who you are and delete you as spam. 

Your email marketing strategy can be as robust or as simple as you need. It’s all about creating additional touchpoints with your audience to stay top of mind when they’re ready to buy (or buy again).

Why email marketing matters to your business

Email marketing allows you to send personalized, tailored emails to your list. It’s also a great place to set up automation and email sequences that run on their own (like when someone signs up for a free offer, they automatically get sent a series of emails every few days with additional insights, offers, or upsells). 

Email is part of your overall online marketing strategy and is often tightly linked to social media content, blogging, and other content you’re creating online for your business.

Why you need Out-Smarts

We get the “legal” stuff

GDPR? CAN-SPAM? CASL? We get what these mean and how it affects your marketing. We will ensure you’re following all laws and regulations for collecting and using personal data.

We’re good writers too

Email copy needs to appease spam filters and convince people to engage or take action. Our team of email copywriters and strategists will help your messages get delivered and read.

A 360o Approach

Email marketing is only part of your digital strategy. Our team ensures every piece of your online marketing is integrated and connected, so it provides a seamless user experience.

Over 12+ years experience

We started email marketing before tools like MailChimp even existed and constantly refine our services and strategy to stay up to date.

We get in their heads

Our job is to get in your customer’s heads and create an email marketing campaign strategy to help them get and stay engaged.

Fanatical customer service

We believe a job worth doing is a job worth doing right. Our team focuses on building honest, strong relationships. It’s part of our core company values.

The Email Marketing Nitty Gritty (aka what we do)

Ready for us to get a tad more technical? Here’s a sampling of the Email Marketing services we offer:

  • Email Marketing Strategy (including an audit and plan and content strategy to maximize your ROI)
  • Newsletter Template Design (design of templates for future campaigns and newsletters)
  • Email Sales Funnel and Lead Generation (including landing pages, forms, pop-ups, and sales-specific emails)
  • Monthly Newsletter Management (writing, design, and sending of your newsletters)

Don’t let the competition out-smart your email strategy!

You don’t want your competitors to end up in your contacts’ inbox more than you. Book a free discovery call with us now to get started and see what your email marketing strategy looks like.

What Our Clients Say

Fairware has worked with Out-Smarts on two projects so far: Search Engine Optimization for our website redesign and on developing an email marketing strategy. Traffic and conversions have increased, our business is growing and we're very pleased with the results. Mhairi is a joy to work with and has been great at building our internal capacity so we can continue the work in house.

Denise Taschereau - Co Founder - Fairware

"Mhairi and her team at Out-Smarts Marketing have made our work life so much easier by managing our social media feeds, newsletter, Google Ads, and more. We were really impressed that they took the time to understand our company values, and at their ability to produce original, informative and meaningful posts. They are great at transforming our ideas into solid social media marketing. They developed and implemented a tailored strategy that worked best for us and at the same time delivered great customer service. We are now reaching a wider audience with a positive, engaging message. We look forward to continuing working with Mhairi and her team. We would highly recommend Out-Smarts to anyone who needs digital marketing services for their business!"

John Harrison - President - EcoTrend Ecologics