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Digital Marketing Strategy for your Business

Helping you see the big picture online

The digital world is vast and filled with opportunities to expand your reach and grow your business. But there are so many options! How do you choose the right digital strategy for your business that’s goal-driven and successful?

Having a complete digital marketing plan for your business is like a roadmap for your digital activities. It helps you make the smart decisions for your best ROI. To ensure your online strategy is kept current with the latest trends and tried-and-true strategies, a professional digital marketing team like Out-Smarts can help.

We’ll use our 20+ years of experience in digital marketing to create a customized strategy for your business. We can help you determine your next steps or provide coaching so you can use , or hone, your own digital marketing tools and skills.

Digital Marketing Strategy 101: The right plan makes a difference

Digital marketing is about the content you create and share online. It’s mixing your SEO, website, social media, ads, email marketing, and anything else you do online into a larger, master plan. It acts as your roadmap to all your online activities and guides your marketing decisions.

It’s about choosing the strategies that provide the best brand building and a positive ROI. It’s an integrated, global view of how you do business online.

Why digital marketing strategy matters to your business

It’s easy to get confused or distracted when you’re not following a map in the online marketing world. A digital marketing strategy will ensure you take the right path towards your business goals, rather than just posting and doing stuff online on a whim.

A solid digital marketing strategy helps you:

  • plan content that aligns with your business goals
  • engage in the channels where your customers are
  • respond to customers and prospects online
  • get leads and a positive ROI

Out-Smarts guides and works with organizations to deliver digital marketing plans and consulting solutions that pinpoint your organization’s most effective approach to maximize your digital exposure.

Why you need Out-Smarts

We wear all the hats 

Our team has a diverse range of global experience and specialties, and we combine that knowledge to make it work for your business.

Realistic + Actionable

We recommend strategies and goals that are realistic for your team to run with in-house. Or we’ll be there to take it off your shoulders.

360o Implementation

We won’t leave you alone with a complicated marketing plan. We’ll be there to help you implement it, so you get peace of mind.

Over 20+ years experience

We ‘ve been doing this for a long time and across many industries and are constantly refining our services to stay ahead of the game.

We get in their heads

Our job is to get in your customer’s heads and create a digital marketing strategy to guide them through the discovery and buying process.

Fanatical customer service

We believe a job worth doing is a job worth doing right. Our team focuses on building honest, strong relationships. It’s part of our core company values.

The Marketing Strategy (aka what we do)

Ready for us to get a tad more technical? Here’s a sampling of the digital marketing strategy and advising services we offer:

Digital Marketing Strategy

Want to see the big picture? We’ll draw that picture with you so you can see the best ROI for brand- and business-building success:

Strategic Digital Marketing Plans

This premium package is your complete, customized strategy to move your business forward and often includes elements of SEO, PPC, social media, website performance, and email marketing.

Market Analysis

Do you know your place in the world? There is plenty to learn from your competitors and customers, so we’ll dig deep to learn more about your current market, competitors, industry, and all related trends.

Website Performance Strategy

Your website is the centrepiece of your business, so it needs to look and function perfectly for your goals. We’ll create a strategy for website performance, content, SEO, and analytics so your website can grow with your business.

Content Marketing Strategy

Your business brand and message must be consistent throughout everything you create so your customers don’t get confused. We’ll help develop social media, blogs, newsletters, and a full digital content strategy for you.

Digital Marketing Consulting and Training

When you have a specific struggle or just need some training, feedback, or advice, we offer custom-designed consulting packages and digital marketing training:

Digital Marketing Consulting

Are you struggling with something in your marketing? Maybe you need help integrating services or creating efficiencies. Whatever your struggles, we can help you find a solution with our 1:1 consulting services.

Digital Marketing Training

Does your team want to learn more about an aspect of digital marketing or get a tutorial on using your new marketing software or tool? Ask about our custom and ready-made digital marketing training and workshops.

Don’t let the competition out-smart your digital strategy!

Your digital marketing strategy is designed to help you stand out from the competition and lead your path to more leads, more sales, and more peace of mind. Book a free discovery call with us now to get started and see what your digital marketing strategy looks like.

What Our Clients Say

Junxion Strategy is an international social impact consultancy. As a growing firm our digital marketing systems and analytics needed to be streamlined. Out-Smarts worked with us to audit our current digital landscape, developing and helping us implement systems that improve our processes and give us better access to the analytics we need to grow our business today and in the future. Smart, easy-going, and patient, Mhairi improved our team’s knowledge and capacity alongside making her recommendations. She’s a great thought partner, and Junxion is better positioned to continue our growth, due to Out-Smarts’ work.

Mike Rowlands - President and CEO - Junxion Strategy

“Mhairi delivered clear and thorough explanations of a variety of digital marketing concepts, giving her audience concrete steps to implement and apply to their business. Her presentations were easy to follow and she mastered the ability to navigate the simultaneous roles of an online presenter – keeping her audience engaged through chat, keeping the presentation flowing smoothly, and covering the topic in a logical and step by step manner. Her charming accent was a delightful bonus!”

Jennifer Neufeld, Project Officer, Bow Valley College Entrepreneur Centres

“I really enjoy working with Out-Smarts Marketing. Since we’ve started our contract, we’ve seen amazing results leading to concrete wins for our business. Not only does Out-Smarts Marketing have great advice when it comes to our digital strategy, they are also providing us with some helpful training with our online tools (Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Search Console, etc.). I am always looking forward to our bi-monthly calls with Mhairi!”

Pauline Fleitz - Hippie Snacks

“If you’ve ever wondered if you could be doing more with your website to promote your products or services, if you know that there’s got to be a better way for using social media but aren’t quite sure how to leverage it effectively, then Out-Smarts is THE ANSWER for you. My colleague and I have been trying to get our website and social media strategy in place for a few years, but there are so many pieces to it and we didn’t really know where to start. It was like throwing spaghetti on the walls and waiting to see what would stick. Not a highly strategic approach.

We finally found Mhairi Petrovic, founder of Out-Smarts. She’s provided us with a clear, manageable and actionable plan for making the best use of our website and social media platforms.

She’s amazing. I’ll be posting another testimonial about her amazingness in a few months to let you know how our company has grown by putting Mhairi’s roadmap and coaching into action.”

Kathryn Thomson, LeadershipMind Consulting