Person holding a paintbrush, standing in front of a white wall with "save the planet" painted in black.

Becoming a B Corp in Canada – Words of Wisdom

How can you show people your business is doing good in the world without proof? You can say you care about the environment and people, but having a third-party say it is stronger and more credible. This is one reason some organizations seek B Corp Certification. 

In this article, we’ll share what it means to get B Corp certified in Canada and how you can use it to your advantage without being accused of greenwashing.

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People outside in blue and green t shirts passing a cardboard box

ESG vs. CSR: A Primer for Sustainable Businesses

When your company seeks to make a conscious effort towards ethical and more sustainable business practices, the terms ESG vs CSR may come up. What do they mean, and do you need both? Are they required or a nice-to-have for your business?

In this article, we’ll share how your company values are linked to ESG and CSR initiatives and what you need to know to start your own ethical and sustainable roadmaps for your company. 

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Hands from above painting "go green" on a piece of paper

Green Marketing or Just Greenwashing? How to Get it Right

You’re a savvy business owner. You know people love to buy from businesses that care about the environment. So, you push some positive environmental messaging in your marketing but are hit with backlash!

People claim you’re greenwashing (making false or inaccurate environmental claims), so you go into crisis management mode to back up your claims and restore your ethical reputation.  

From a marketing perspective, it can be a great strategy to discuss your ESG values, but it must be done honestly and ethically to avoid coming off as inauthentic or untruthful. 

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16 Tactics to Help Prospective Clients Find You in the Research Phase

When customers are in the research phase of the sales cycle, how will they find you? 

The research phase of the Buyer Journey is a stage that all customers will go through before making a purchase (we discuss this in greater detail in a previous blog post). It is a safe bet that many (if not all) of these customers are doing their research digitally. 
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