Create a Content Schedule for Facebook

For those of us who manage Facebook pages, coming up with fresh ideas for content that will engage your audience can be a challenge. Rather than posting content adhoc, it is a really good practice to get into the habit of creating a content schedule for Facebook.  Similar to an editorial schedule for a magazine, a Facebook content schedule outlines what you will post about at specific times throughout the week.

The infographic below from contains a great example of content creation strategies that will help you stay on track and engage your audience.

Note that how often post updates to your Facebook page will vary by audience. If your target audience is younger ( under 35) then posting several times a day is expected but if your target audience is older then once a day might suffice and more often will be a put off. Finding your own secret sauce will depend on trial and error.

When you are posting content to your Facebook business page, remember that text such as inspirational quotes, anecdotes and updates, is likely to garner more interactions than posting links and that photos and videos get even better response rates.

Having a schedule like this can really help you stay on track and will improve your productivity in this social network.


Create a Facebook Content Schedule
Create a Facebook Content Schedule

Source: Cornucopia Creations