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Inspired Blogging – 11 Tips To Get The Blog Juice Flowing

Are you struggling to get inspired to write your next blog post? Publishing a regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly blog can cause you to experience “blog writers’ fatigue.” It’s common but something we’ve got some tips to help you overcome. 

Blog writer’s fatigue is similar to writers’ block and it gets us all from time to time: you wake up one morning and you have no inspiration – can’t think of what to write and can’t be bothered. 

When writer’s fatigue hits you and you have to write a business blog, the effect of not publishing your next post could be devastating to your business, especially if your readers have come to expect regularly scheduled content from your brand.

Thankfully there is a cure to blog writer’s fatigue. Here are our top 11 tips that will inspire you and get your creative juices flowing:

1. Read, read, read – A great source of content can actually be OTHER people’s content. Look for news articles and content from others that you can either use as inspiration to write your own perspectives on. Third party content can also be used to populate your social media feeds when you don’t know what content to create there. 

2. Share the responsibility – You don’t have to be the only one who writes your company blog. Get other wordsmiths in your company to contribute by writing posts or helping to brainstorm new content ideas. A fresh perspective can generate great new ideas. 

Sharing blog writing and posting responsibility is one of the tips we share in our recent business blog tips and myths article. 

3. Think outside the box – Consider a topic just on the periphery of your main expertise. It always ensures that you are still qualified to talk about this topic, and always relate it back to your area of expertise and brand. 

4. Just do it – stop making excuses: Blogging takes discipline and commitment to see results for your business.  Consider scheduling blog writing in your calendar at the same time every week so you can dedicate the time to writing. 

5. Take inspiration from everyday experiences – As you go through your everyday life, consider which moments you can talk about on social media? Perhaps you come across a situation that you could professionally comment on, or see something inspirational and on-brand that your followers would love. It could be as simple as a positive customer service experience or a negative one that made your blood boil.

6. Ask friends – You can ask your colleagues, friends, and even customers what they want to read or learn about from your business. When we’re brainstorming the Out-Smarts blog we ask our team members and clients too. You will be amazed by the ideas a fresh mind can come up with.

7. Review a recent event or tradeshow – If you’ve attended an event or even read a book, review it on your blog and give your recommendations. 

8. Been on vacation? – Have you considered posting pictures from your vacation? You could relate it back to your business in some way…like if you use your products while on vacation, or see the locals doing something relating to your niche that you can comment on. New places bring new perspectives that you can share on your blog. 

9. Learned something new? – If you can’t think of anything new to write, why not update an older blog post with new information or insights (we’ve actually done that with this blog post that was originally written in 2012 and we updated in August 2023). If there have been new developments relating to an old blog post topic, there’s no reason why you can’t write a new post based on a previous one giving your audience an update on developments. OR you if your old post is still getting good traffic, consider updating it and republishing that URL. 

10. Create a blog in another medium – Written blog posts aren’t your only option. Get creative with a short video clip to post to your blog or embed a YouTube video that relates to your business and audience. Even easier, find an infographic that is related to what you do and post that (Pinterest is a great source for infographics so check out our collection there – it may inspire you).

11. Ask AI and content generators – With the recent popularity of AI and online content tools, you have access to endless blog post ideas! Ask Chat GPT to help you brainstorm blog topics. You can also use tools like AnswerThePublic.com for ideas (you’ll get hundreds by doing just one search). There are many other content idea generators online, just search for them and you’ll never run out of ideas again!

Learn more about how to ethically and responsibly use tools like Chat GPT in your content marketing

These 11 tips should counter writer’s fatigue and give you an endless supply of content ideas. Just remember that your blog posts should always provide value. If you run through this list and you still can’t find inspiration don’t blog for the sake of it – your audience won’t thank you so spare them – take a break and come back to it in a few days when you are fresh.

What do to when inspiration doesn’t hit (or you get too busy)

If even after following our tips, you still can’t bring yourself to writing your blog as regularly as you need to increase engagement and add value for your readers, consider outsourcing blog writing to a professional writer. 

At Out-Smarts, blog writing is one of our specialities and we consider ourselves a super creative bunch so we can help you brainstorm topics and do all the writing, images, and posting for you! These blogs are ghostwritten, which means the writer emulates your voice and brand and writes the post with your name on it. It’s as if you wrote it yourself, but you never lifted a finger!

If this is something that might free up several hours in your week so you can focus on other important aspects of your business, let’s talk. We can assign one of our fabulous writers to write on your behalf.