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Digital Marketing Strategy Case Study – Arbourside Court

Arbourside Court is an independent retirement living residence in Surrey, BC. Their dedicated staff provides supportive services to help residents enjoy retirement to its fullest. 

We started working with Arbourside over ten years ago, in 2011, making them one of Out-Smarts’ longest clients. Since then, we have worked with them on all aspects of their digital marketing, including SEO, social media, technical support and more.

We love to share success stories about big projects being completed, like our recent website redevelopment or accessibility redesign. Our success story today is a little different, it celebrates over a decade of Arbourside trusting us to support them and the ongoing success they have experienced with the help of our services. 

What we do

When we first started working with Arbourside, digital marketing was a novelty. Over the past decade, we have used many different techniques to help their residence run at a high occupancy rate. Today, we manage their social media, and Google Ads, ensure their website is SEO optimized and manage their website, including making posts and updates. 


Our search engine optimization strategies improve a website’s visibility and likelihood of ranking high on search engine results. When we started working with Arbourside, their website was not optimized for SEO, leading to low site traffic. 

To help them develop their SEO and grow their organic, referral and direct traffic, we put together a strategy, including ongoing optimized on-page content and keywords. We also helped them grow their traffic by building links in online directories and websites, like Comfort Life, Senior Access and Senioropolis, which are targeted towards people who are looking for senior housing. 

Social media 

Arbourside Court has a very vibrant and active community, which is displayed on their social networks including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok. This is a great way for families of residents to keep up to date with residents and also provides a sneak peek into life at Arbourside for people who are considering Arbourside as a place for themselves or a loved one to live. 

We work in tangent with the building managers to create informative and on-brand posts on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook to support them in engaging and connecting with their networks. 

Website maintenance 

Maintaining a WordPress website is crucial to keeping a site running smoothly. To ensure their website is functional, we continually make necessary updates, to avoid security vulnerabilities, bugs, and technical issues. 

To spread important information about events and news at Arbourside and catch the attention of potential new residents, our ongoing website maintenance includes creating SEO-optimized posts and blogs. 

The Covid pandemic was a stressful time for everybody, especially retirement communities, hosting a vulnerable population. The health and wellness of residents was their top priority. During this time, we helped them create and spread their messaging around safety measures on their social media accounts and website. 


Arbourside Court wouldn’t be what they are without their amazing staff. Our work with them goes beyond digital marketing, we also help them with recruitment when a job opening arises. We set up and post information about available job positions on platforms such as Indeed, Craigslist and LinkedIn to find great candidates to fill their positions quickly. This supports Arbourside in finding enthusiastic staff to continually make it a great place for residents to live. 

Ongoing successes 

With our ongoing support of their digital marketing strategies, Arbourside Court has continued to run at a high occupancy rate with a quick turnover when suites become available. Additionally, their struggle to find fitting candidates when job positions arise has been alleviated by our recruitment strategies and their maintained and up-to-date website continues to run smoothly and generate organic, referral and direct traffic. 

A word from the client  

We are very pleased with the services that Out-Smarts provides our organization. They keep us current and following all the rules on social media. We fill our job postings faster because they know where to put us and set us up well. We cannot say enough about how great Mhairi and her team are at keeping us ranking high and getting lots of traffic coming into our businesses from online searches. Thanks, Ladies, you do an amazing job and we highly recommend you and are happy to give our praises over the phone to anyone who wants to ensure they are getting the very best!

  • Nancy Noso – Director 

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