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Honest and Ethical Ideas for Earth Day Social Media Posts

Are you doing sustainability and green marketing posts on social media? Are you doing it in an authentic, ethical, and on-brand way? With Earth Day coming up in April, now is the time to start planning any Earth Day social media posts and messaging to ensure you’re not perceived as greenwashing. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how to do Earth Day posts for 2023, whether you regularly engage in green marketing or it’s the one time of year you dabble in it.

Should you be posting about Earth Day?

Earth Day (April 22) reminds us of our individual and corporate commitments to sustainability and green initiatives. However, businesses need to be cautious that they’re not seen as greenwashing when they only post about green topics around Earth Day or when it seems to suit them.

You may be asking, “Should I post for Earth Day?”

  • Do you regularly post green marketing? If so, YES! Earth Day is a day when the whole world is in alignment with the environment, so talking about sustainability around Earth Day is on-brand for your business. When you post using Earth Day and sustainability hashtags, it can also be an opportunity to increase your exposure to others seeking eco-conscious companies.
  • Are you new to green marketing? If so, YES! We encourage you to make some Earth Day posts on social media with some thought and strategy behind your content. Businesses that don’t have environmental or green marketing at the forefront of the year-round marketing can be seen as taking advantage of Earth Day to provide lip service. 

Whether you’re experienced or relatively new to green marketing, there are best practices to ensure your content is conveyed authentically. 

Tips for posting ethical Earth Day content

Here are our top five tips for posting Earth Day content and minimizing your chances of greenwashing accusations by your customers or competitors:

  1. Keep it simple: No need to write an earth-shattering environmental manifesto. 
  2. Back up your claims: Show exactly how your business cares about the environment with pictures of your initiative(such as recycling programs, team tree planting days, and giving back). 
  3. Keep it on brand: Infuse your brand voice and messaging into your posts, so it doesn’t look generic. 
  4. Collaborate with another brand: Collaborate on Earth Day content with another business or brand that shares your green values. Or promote other companies, suppliers or customers doing good things for the planet. 
  5. Do an on-brand contest: If your company offers eco-friendly products, you can run a contest for earth day. Avoid giving away or discounting your products if they’re not eco-friendly.

10 Examples of cool Earth Day social and marketing content 

Need some inspiration for your organisation’s Earth Day campaigns or social media marketing? Here are some ideas from Vancouver-based and international brands. 


Supplier of sustainable and ethically sourced promotional products

Fairware is a Vancouver-based supplier of sustainable and ethically sourced promotional products, so they already have a year-round green marketing focus. For Earth Day 2022, they did a series of educational-based posts on Instagram over #EarthMonth. 

Screenshot of Instagram post reading "How does climate change impact frontline communities?"
Screenshot of Instagram post about climate justice with a yellow background.

FoodStash Foundation

Non-profit organization reducing food waste in Vancouver

This Vancouver-based organization posted a video from a recent volunteer appreciation event for their eco-conscious partners.

Screenshot of Instagram post of people at a volunteer appreciation event.

Hippie Snacks

Creating delicious and healthy snacks

Hippie snacks used Earth Day 2022 as an opportunity to educate their followers about B Corp status and how they’re living up to that commitment every day. 

Screenshot of Instagram post with various nuts and grains organized in the shape of trees, against a blue cloudy sky. With text "lets talk about the b-word"

Reclaim Wellness

Self care and wellness hub of products and events in Africa

In addition to offering an Earth Day discount on their eco-friendly products, they provided followers with a list of 7 ways people can contribute positively to their eco-system.

Screenshot of Instagram post of woman in garden holding brown bags filled with vegetables.

Barak Obama

Former President of the United States

Back in 2019, the then President of the United States posted a series of Earth Day Tweets commending the work of climate activists, including Greta Thunberg:


Eco-friendly clothing manufacturer

Patagonia promotes and supports environmental initiatives year-round. In 2020, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard penned an insightful letter for Earth Day, which the company shared on their social media: 

Screenshot of Instagram post of man in an apron, outside a workshop standing, leaning on a wall.


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration

In 2020, NASA Science released a set of on-brand posters that combine art, nature, and science (a very on-brand campaign for the brand).


Technology company

In recent years the Apple technology company has been vocal about its green initiatives. For Earth Day 2021, they pledged to make every product carbon neutral by 2030, something we’ve seen them making significant strides towards in the years since.  (In fact, it’s a goal Out-Smarts has committed to as well). 

National Geographic

Global non-profit committed to exploring our world

In 2021, they created a social media engagement post encouraging people to share the place on our planet that inspires you most. 

Ben and Jerry’s

Icecream company

As a long-time outspoken supporter of the BIPOC community, Ben and Jerry’s took Earth Day 2021 to bring awareness to systems of injustice that target black and brown people. They included a link to learn more about taking action. 


More earth day post ideas

If you’re looking for ideas to talk about or add to your Earth Day 2023 marketing campaigns, try these ideas:

  • Promote a case study
  • Offer a discount (if it’s on brand and an eco-friendly product or service). 
  • Promote an environmental cause you care about
  • Remind followers of your social and environmental pledges
  • Raise money for an environmental cause. 

Need help with your Earth Day social media campaigns?

Earth day is still a few months away, but your Earth Day campaign planning starts now. Out-Smarts can help you brainstorm, deliver, and monitor an Earth Day campaign that’s on-brand and genuine. We can also act as a sounding board for your ideas and help you 

develop a year-round green digital marketing strategy. 

Book a 1:1 consultation today to learn more about how Out-Smarts can help you communicate your environmental and ethical values to the world for Earth Day 2023 and every day!