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We design and develop custom web applications to help our clients solve problems that involve custom logic, data-driven reporting, interactivity, and other functionality not supported by traditional websites.

Custom App Development

These applications can take many forms:

  • sales tools
  • data analysis dashboards
  • client portals
  • sites built for user-generated content
  • WordPress plugins development

Unlike native mobile apps, web apps can be used on any device equipped with a web browser, like a phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

There are a lot of moving parts in a web application — factor in the technical jargon, and it can quickly get overwhelming.

In our experience, what clients most need is a partner with technical expertise who can work with them to deeply understand their problem. Once we understand the core of the problem, we can devise a strategy to execute via an iterative in-house development process and deliver a solution that really works. A key skill of ours is being able to translate between our clients’ domains and appropriate technical solutions.

Our methods are proven, principled, and modern. And our solutions are efficient, reliable, secure, and maintainable.

Here are some of the technologies we use:

  • Python/Django and PostgreSQL or Redis for server-side applications needing permanent storage
  • Node.js
  • React for snappy user interfaces
  • Standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • WordPress and WooCommerce for content management
  • Progressive Web Application strategies to support offline access and push notifications
  • Deployment on internal networks or for public access on cloud services like Amazon Web Services

We view accessibility and excellent user experience as essential, and we advocate for projects that include product validation, automated testing, and documentation.

Web applications are significant projects, and often an investment that pays dividends. Our goal is to make sure we’re building the correct tool to solve the right problem for people who will use it, and who will actually benefit from it. That’s why we write rigorous tests and documentation: we want to ensure that what we build will be used and maintained for many years to come.

From designing the technical architecture of a product to deploying and maintaining our code months later, we service every step of the development lifecycle.

Get started – contact us to explore how we might bring your custom app ideas to life.

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